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You are loved, Positive vibes, Good karma, Golden days, Girl, you rock, Mistletoe kisses, Calm your soul; what do you need? Can't choose? That's not necessary, let fate decide.

How do I let fate determine my candle?

We found something nice about that and it is very simple. Go to this Instagram post and take a screenshot. Let us know in a comment below the post which scented candle you 'caught' and you will immediately have a chance to win your candle :)

What is Serious Sugar?

Serious Sugar is your fashion and lifestyle department store. With the latest fashion, comfy home decoration and fun accessories. Not a dime a dozen, no fast fashion and mass consumption, but beautiful high-quality products from carefully selected Dutch and European brands, which often match seriously well. Serious Sugar: Making life a little sweeter.

💃 This competition already has a winner, but there's probably one more what else to win - click here !