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The bathroom, a place where we spend a lot of time every day, is often also a source of excessive waste. Millions of disposable products end up in landfill every year, but fortunately there is a solution that is not only good for the environment, but also for your personal self-care routine. Meet Happlify Crew Member Wild , the brand that can completely revolutionize the way we approach our daily self-care!

Sustainable deodorant (that smells very nice)

At Wild they have developed an innovative approach to combating waste: a reusable deodorant applicator. This beautiful, durable applicator is made of high-quality aluminum and will last a lifetime. With this we say goodbye to plastic waste. Fill your Wild case again and again with the special refills delivered directly to your home. In this way you contribute to reducing plastic waste and prevent 30 grams of plastic waste per refill alone every year.

Wild deodorant

Hmm...those smells!

What makes Wild truly unique is not only its durability, but also its effective odor protection. Wild deodorant offers 24-hour protection against unwanted odors and contains only natural ingredients. There are now many wonderful, fresh scents to choose from. The newest scents are Rose Petal, Linen & Lilac, Purple Rain and Sage & Eucalyptus. We got a sneak peek here and I can assure you that they are delicious again! When will Wild scented candles be available?!
We are wild

Temporary 20% discount at Wild via Happlify

Great news for you, because with the code HAPPLIFY20 you get a temporary 20% discount on everything at www.wearewild.com . And that is super nice. Because in addition to their amazing deodorant, Wild has recently expanded their range to include other sustainable self-care products, including soap, shower gel and shampoo bars. This way you can make your entire bathroom routine more sustainable with products that are good for you and the planet. Shop with a discount at Wild .


Participate and have a chance!

Great news for you, because we can raffle a Limited edition Wild package worth €35! The package consists of the brand new limited edition, reusable aluminum Choose Love case and the three wonderful new scents: Rose Petals, Purple Rain and Sage & Eucalyptus.

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