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CurvesWear is all about celebrating your natural beauty. This webshop, founded by Inge and Alonda, offers shapewear that is not only functional, but also stylish and sexy. The belief behind Happlify Crew CurvesWear is that shapewear should not only emphasize your best points, but should also be beautiful enough to wear with pride.

CurvesWear's mission: be kind to yourself

CurvesWear understands that women are often critical of their own bodies. However, the message of this webshop is clear: be kind to yourself and accept yourself as you are, with all the beautiful and less beautiful sides. This message is woven into every garment CurvesWear offers, designed to help every woman feel confident and beautiful.

The founders of CurvesWear, Inge and Alonda, believe that true beauty comes from within. A little help from the right shapewear can make every woman shine. Whether it's a special occasion or everyday activities, CurvesWear ensures that every outfit falls perfectly and your curves are accentuated in the best way.

Shapewear that feels like a second skin

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, CurvesWear is also committed to comfort. Shapewear should feel like a second skin, not like a restriction. That's why every product is carefully tested and adapted to real female shapes, so that you not only look good, but also feel great. Be inspired by the beautiful collection and find the perfect shapewear that suits your unique style and shape.

At CurvesWear you'll find everything from shapewear bodysuits , briefs to leggings to help you feel confident no matter the occasion. The materials have been carefully selected for their stretch, breathability and durability, so your shapewear is not only functional, but also long-lasting.

Competition: playful shaping swimsuit with Mesh Cutouts

As icing on the cake, you can now win the beautiful Leonisa Shape Swimsuit with Mesh Cutouts worth €98.99. This playful shapewear swimsuit has tulle cutouts that add a unique accent and define your silhouette. The swimsuit is made of beautifully shiny and quick-drying stretch material and offers light correction for a slimmer and smoother effect of the lower abdomen. The soft cups without underwire give a rounder look, while the elastic band under the cups provides support for your breasts. The deep cut back gives the swimsuit an elegant back. This shapewear swimsuit from Leonisa is a must-have for every woman who wants to enjoy her time at the water with style and confidence. Also available in red!

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