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We would like to put a special brand in the spotlight: Beezonder . A Dutch brand that takes creativity and originality to a higher level. Beezonder was founded by the talented graphic designer Suzanne. It is a perfect example of how passion and skill can merge into something unique.

The Beezonder story started in 2014, when Suzanne perfected her screen printing skills. What started with printing environmentally friendly cotton bags, cushion covers and cutting boards has grown into an extensive collection of beautiful products. Every Beezonder creation reflects Suzanne's commitment to sustainability and her enjoyment of design.

Raw, tough and daring

In the Beezonder webshop you will find a diverse range of products such as greeting cards , bags and... wine bags. What makes these products so unique are the raw, cool and sometimes daring designs.

Beezonder products are not only a feast for the eyes, but also eco-friendly. Suzanne is committed to ensuring that her products have as little impact on the environment as possible, so you can shop with peace of mind.

New cool custom toiletry bags

You can have this medium-sized sturdy toiletry bag made of organic cotton personalized by Beezonder. Choose velvety flock or smooth flex and from 3 different fonts. How cool is this bag for your friend, mother, daughter or aunt with her own name on it? Also available in a small and larger version.

Win a special toiletry bag

Competition: Participate and win!

Lucky you, because in collaboration with Beezonder we can give away two medium-sized toiletry bags , together worth €41.90! One for you and one for... you name it! Participate below and who knows, you might soon be able to make yourself and someone else happy!

💃 This competition already has a winner, but there's probably one more what else to win - click here !